Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Entrepreneur Nest Week 1

Maybe you are an established entrepreneur or perhaps a struggling one; and then again, maybe you are an entrepreneur in waiting. Regardless of your current status, you are to be congratulated for landing here in the Eagle’s entrepreneur nest.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, ever changing, rewarding, ego driven and/ or driven by social responsibility. My monthly business column is designed  to share my thoughts, past successes, challenges and best practices. I hope you will take away what you consider is best for you and your particular situation. With this business column, the Eagle has created a place where you can learn, respond and relate.

In this first column, I would like to introduce myself and give you a snapshot of my entrepreneurial background. My background is very diversified and includes national recognition of my accomplishments, and it has also been punctuated by extreme setbacks.

Through it all, I have loved, lost and learned. In this column, I want to share all, with the hope that my experiences can help guide you to more success, and help you to avoid heart- breaking failure.

I am the architect of the unique and nationally recognized Rent-A-Husband business model. I started Rent-A-Husband with the 500 dollars I carried on my person. Forty eight months later, I had built its investment value up to 7,000,000 million dollars, a several thousand percent increase in just 48 months. Additionally, through a partnership with global giant ACE Hardware, Rent-A-Husband posted unmatched levels of success within four key metrics designed by ACE Hardware. ACE Hardware also considered the Rent-A-Husband brand to be the most recognized brand in the handyman industry. So whether it is building company value, best practices or great branding, I have been there and done it. I am also a nationally accomplished author, TV personality and writer.

With this in mind, I hope you will follow this column, as I plan to put my heart and experiences- both good and bad- into helping YOU best develop your business and your career. Entrepreneurship is a tough road, let’s learn and laugh as we travel it together.

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