Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kaile's Korner "Under cover"

Your roof has you covered. With some of today’s installation efforts as well as the ever increasing affects of the environment, one can expect the roofing industry to boom for many years to come.
For as solid and simple as roof systems appear, they are actually more delicate and complicated than one would think. Here are some roof maintenance/observation tips everyone should adhere to.

•Ventilation - if a roofing system is not properly ventilated, not only can it prematurely break down, but it can cause potential health risks as well as expensive collateral damage. Simply stated - make sure that air has an unobstructed path to flow from your soffet (lower part of roof) to your ridge or gable vents. Inserting a product called proper vent works well as an air channel when you have a ridge vent. Often times, a power fan designed for attic use, works well with a gable vent.

•Keep your fascia/freeze boards clean, painted/stained and free from rot. Typically, once a gutter has been installed over your fascia boards, little to no maintenance occurs to the boards. This is a shame, as it will lead to premature decaying of your fascia boards and often times, said rot will spread into your roof’s framing system. I suggest cleaning your fascia board twice a year, while you are cleaning your gutters. While cleaning, check for faded paint, bare wood etc. If your home does not have a gutter system, check your fascia boards once a year.

•Roof shingles - check for loose, missing or curling shingles on a regular basis. If you have an installation problem, an entire roof can go bad quickly. However, roofing system’s typically go bad over a long period of time. Keeping a constant watch and maintaining as needed, will greatly extend the life of your roof. I also recommend taking a picture of each section of roof every fall if you hire people to shovel or rake snow off of it. If there is a problem with missing shingles, having a before picture may serve you well.

•Always approach roof inspections and work in an extremely safe manner!

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