Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kaile's Korner "Buyer beware..."

Typically this column works to help you hone up on and/or develop your home improvement skills. This week, however, I want to share with you an interesting discovery I made relative to purchasing paint. Before I share my discovery, let me say that this column is not going to be about catching someone losing. It is all about making you a more informed consumer of home improvement products.

Conventional wisdom tells us that when we purchase paint in 5-gallon containers, we usually see a price break versus purchasing the same identical paint in 1-gallon containers. Well, I recently discovered that a well-known retailer is charging more per gallon for the same paint when you buy 5 gallons, as opposed to 1 gallon, containers.  That’s right! I was not charged a lower, or even the same, per gallon price for buying in volume. I was charged more. While this pricing defies conventional retail logic, it also underscores the point I want to make to you. Regardless of whether you are purchasing home improvement products from a local mom-pop owned retailer, or from a well-known national retailer, always check the pricing on what you are buying. My discovery is proof that you can never take pricing for granted.

When I reported this unusual pricing to management, I was told that I was the first person to raise this issue. Since that time, I have made six calls over an 8-day period to find out the reasoning behind it. As of the time of this writing, I am still waiting for an explanation. I plan to report my findings to you in a later column. 

As a purchaser of home improvement products, you have purchasing discretion. Exercising that discretion is important, because as important as it is to purchase the correct home improvement products, it is just as important to make said purchases at the appropriate price points. 
I hope that you remember this article every time you buy home improvement products. Retailers - large and small - set the pricing they want. What is important to me is that you pay a fair price.

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