Monday, July 8, 2013

Kaile's Korner "For the Record"

When buying a used vehicle, a record of its maintenance is important information to have. If you are selling the vehicle, a maintenance record can help maximize the sale price. For the buyer, a maintenance record can be the difference between buying the vehicle, and or maybe passing on a vehicle that appears to have been neglected. Government is often criticized for doing too much paperwork, but we all love getting detailed maintenance records of everything ever done to a government vehicle when looking to purchase it.

The same logic applies to home maintenance records. Selling a home the past few years has been a highly competitive process. Unfortunately, I do not see it getting any less competitive over the coming years. Thus, I want to talk to you about a simple way to better position you to be more competitive, if and when you decide to sell your home.

Start keeping detailed records of all home maintenance, repairs or remodeling. People are always looking for a competitive edge when selling. Detailed record keeping gives people a stronger edge. How you have maintained your home says a lot about how you have valued the investment in your home. A well-documented home maintenance record is as, or more valuable than a vehicle’s maintenance record.

When record keeping, be consistent and record event after event. Inconsistency in a maintenance report could be a red flag to a potential buyer. If you start keeping records now, you will  have a stronger presentation, as it will not appear the record keeping was just for a sales event.

Additionally, record keeping will remind you of what should be regular maintenance tasks. Record all maintenance even if you do the work, as opposed to hiring a contractor. Remember, your efforts are just as noteworthy as are those of a professional.

There is maintenance and repair record keeping software available to help, if you need it. You may also ask your home maintenance contractor to keep a running record for you.

Set your home apart from others. Start keeping a maintenance record just like you do with your vehicle.

Kaile, who lives in Windham, is a nationally recognized home improvement expert both from TV and print. He has been an industry resource for publications such as The Wall Street Journal. Redbook and more. For home improvement questions for Kaile, email

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