Friday, July 26, 2013

Kaile's Korner heads to television By Michelle Libby

Beginning in September Kaile Warren will be the host of his own TV series, Kaile’s Korner, onWPXT and WPME. Kaile’s Korner, the same name as his column in The Windham Eagle, will be a half-hour home improvement show, according to president of the stations Tom MacArthur.

The show will air multiple times through the week on both stations.
Warren is a nationally recognized home improvement guru having worked at the CBS Early Show for 10 years and made appearances on HGTV and wrote for Parade Magazine.

“I want to start a dialogue about people working in the construction trade. I want parents to look at it as a destination for their children, not something they fall into,” said Warren.

MacArthur hopes to make the show interactive using texting and email to help people with their home improvement problems.

“We are always keeping in mind the universal appeal to all people,” said MacArthur. “The show will be entertaining, informational and educational in nature. Kaile has the personality everyone can relate, understand and learn from and go out and do it after the show,” he said. “He’s a professional. You want him as a friend and you definitely want him as a next door neighbor to
help with home projects.”

Warren sees his audience being do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts and college-educated females between 25 and 55 years old.

“What I’m looking to do is bring my passion back after four years of being dormant and bring it to this TV series. I’m ready to get to work and deliver something the viewers can get behind here in Maine and I’m glad to be from Windham,” Warren said.

“I hope to be a leading voice and a leading force in the industry,” he added.
The set is still in the design phase, according to MacArthur. “We’re not sure how elaborate or minimalistic it will be,” he said. What he does know is that there will be a camera that will be able to take pictures from above the table Warren will be working on. There will be a Kaile’s Korner sign and many different camera angles.

“I’m really excited about the way it will be shot,” said Warren.

The show will be produced by Dan Seaver and show times are scheduled to change, but to start the show may run Sundays at noon and Saturdays at 7 p.m. The original plan is to shoot 22 shows, Warren said.

“That’s a testament to how much we think about Kaile and what he can bring to a station like ours,” said MacArthur.

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