Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kaile's Korner "Mission almost impossible without mission statement"

If your company has a mission statement, where is it located? How often is it referred to? If you cannot promptly answer these questions, then chances are good that the mission statement is underutilized within the company. Whether you are running a business or working for a business, a mission statement should always be the guiding influence – the company’s reason for being.
As I have written before, growing a business is like raising a child, in that consistency is critical to putting out the right message. If you as the owner, manager or employee of a business are not consistent in the reason for the company’s being, then you will eventually be misguided in your efforts to help the company.

If you have not developed a mission statement, then I suggest you begin working on one. Think of your mission statement as the core reason for the existence of the company, as this will build a baseline for you to follow. A well thought out and documented mission statement will provide you with a much needed baseline to ensure a consistent focus from which to further the growth of your company.

Economic downturns, changing consumer demographics, direct competition, etc. place a heavy weight on the decision makers of a company. Sometimes company management can get so fixated on a singular threat to the company that they tend to lose some perspective as to the big picture/ direction of a company. A well thought out, written mission statement will always provide a baseline to balance contemplated actions to address issues of immediate concern.

There is strength in numbers. The more people who have a firm handle on a mission statement, the more they can assist key decision makers. I am not proposing a company be run by committee. What I am saying, is that the more people in a company who understand the mission statement, the less likely a company will be to stray from what was once its core purpose for existing. Inclusion + mission statement= a strong team executing with a common purpose.

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