Saturday, October 5, 2013

Water conditioning systems - By Kaile Warren

Do you think you need a water conditioning system in your home? One of the most important things you can do is to ensure the quality of the water you and your pets consume. If you do not have a water conditioner in your home, you should have your water tested as soon as possible. It may be that your water is fine, but not knowing is risky living.

Water conditioners come in a number of options. A test of your water supply will allow the technician to recommend the best system and softeners for your water conditioning needs. While it may cost you extra money, I strongly recommend an expanded test over the basic offering of the water conditioner company. I also recommend that you get two opinions as to what you may or may not need for a water conditioner.

Recently, friends of mine had a “rotten egg” smell in just one faucet. They called a water conditioner company. The technician came out and tested water from that faucet, and came back with a recommendation of installing a new $3,000 water conditioner.

I got curious as to why the odor was just at one faucet. Thus, I looked for what was different. What I found was a water filter under the sink that had not been changed in many moons and was in very poor condition. Once I removed the bad filter, the “egg smell” went away instantly. I am not certain why the water conditioner company did not research the way I did. I must also state that I recommended the water be retested, as it may still need additional treatment.

The point is that if you have under-the-counter water filters, make sure they are changed as recommended. Also, before you buy an expensive water conditioning system, make certain the company has thoroughly disclosed all contributing factors. As I also stress, you should defer to the professionals. However, you need to always verify their recommendations. After all, a $20 filter might save you thousands of unnecessary dollars spent.

Safe water is critical to your well-being. Make the extra effort, so that you get the treatment your water needs.

Kaile Warren is a local fix-it guru. He is soon to have his own TV show on WPXT and WPME. Rustler's in Windham will be his headliner sponsor.

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