Saturday, December 21, 2013

Resolutions for a business

If you are making New Year's resolutions, do they involve your business or you as a professional business person? Think about this. A majority of your customers or clients are making New Year’s resolutions. While your customers/clients are in the mood to make changes, it is the perfect time to make a stronger connection, or to reconnect.

I have always wondered why businesses do not put out a questionnaire to their customers, inquiring about their resolutions. There is much to learn about your customer base by learning what they want to change. Make the questionnaire anonymous or not. Also, offer a small discount for people to take the time to fill out the questionnaire.

Some business owners set goals the first of each year to build their consumer/client base. I think it is important to also set a goal to further harvest your existing consumer base. Connecting with your consumer base via resolution is a creative way to gain a more personal understanding of your consumer.

You want your business to have top-of-mind-awareness with your consumers. The best way to build that awareness is to connect in a deeper, more meaningful way than your competition does. If you have a better understanding of how your customers want to improve themselves and the world around them, then you have a competitive advantage.

The secret to having success with this is how well you aggregate, analyze and implement your learnings. The goal to doing this should be for you to be able to better tailor your business to meet the ever changing needs and desires of your consumers. 

Information is a power tool to have in your business - building toolbox. You can buy a lot of research data. But, at the end of the day would you rather make a business decision using general data collected from the masses, or would you rather have important personal information collected directly from your customers/clients?

Try an anonymous questionnaire that asks for resolutions and why they are important to the person. The answers just may unlock the marketing secret to building a deeper recurring relationship with your consumer base.

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