Saturday, December 21, 2013

Doing the bathroom remodel right

It is that time of year when bathroom remodels become a high priority for homeowners. While getting the right design, materials, colors, etcetera, is time consuming, these tasks are nevertheless some of the more enjoyable aspects of remodeling a bathroom.

The most common reasons people remodel their bathrooms are because they want to enlarge, update, create a new use for an existing space or they want to personalize their bathroom. In most cases, choosing the right contractor makes a world of difference in the overall success of remodeling a bathroom.

Today, I want to expose you to things you need to be mindful of before you begin redoing your bathroom. There are issues that often times can blow an already tight budget, or in worst case scenarios these items can drastically alter the completion time and/or plans.
When a client calls me to remodel their bathroom, I first off walk them through what I call the out-of-sight issues that need to be considered. Yes, picking out tile, marble and vanity tops are the fun things, as they should be. But getting your bathroom, right and tight is critical.

First off, make sure the existing floor is secure and suitable for the type of fixtures and flooring you will be installing. Have the contractor look for rotted areas in the floor. Also check for squeaks and make sure the floor is level. Additionally, if you are moving the location of the shower etc, make sure the plumbing below can be adapted without the need to cut through framing beams.

Consider the existing insulation, or lack thereof in the bathroom. Chances are you may want to redo the interior walls. Such an event often leads to installing new insulation or at a minimum adding to the old. You will also want the wiring to be checked to gain some insight into the overall electrical costs. A lot of people think an electrician can just jump off this or that wire. When the reality is that often times a bathroom remodeling project requires substantial wiring work.

Finally, when remodeling a bath give a lot of consideration to installing a noise barrier. Next to the living room, the bathroom is often times the noisiest room in the house. What with running water, toilet flushing, hair dryers and more, a bathroom can be noisy. This issue is never more apparent then when someone is using the bath early in the morning or late at night.

Remember, make this a fun project. At the same time, ask a lot of questions in order to know what you currently don't know before work begins.

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