Monday, December 9, 2013

Implementing branding success

As someone who loves everything there is to love about branding, I find myself particularly interested in unique brands. I believe that as you create or recreate a brand, uniqueness needs to be a cornerstone of its development. 

Hall Implement Company is a unique brand that has always fascinated me, and I think that taking a look at what makes the brand unique, will provide you will some good takeaways. 

  Founded in 1961 by George Hall, the company has become a high quality Maine brand. If you have a commercial or residential need for a John Deere piece of equipment, chances are you have shopped at Hall Implement Company. And how about this for brand longevity, Hall Implement Co. has been selling the John Deere brand longer than the legendary John Deere lawn mowers have been manufactured (1963). 

  Halls brand does so many things right, from the location’s eye-catching meticulous landscape, to the impressive quality product display, to its outstanding customer service. In your business, if you are thinking about things like presentation value, product display or building a top notch service reputation, there is much that can be learned from how Hall Implement Company does its business.

 Heck, I even think there is much to be learned from how a brand can use a word like “Implement," given it understates the wide array of products sold. Additionally, implement, as a noun, is a word that has become much less main stream in Mainers' daily vocabulary. 

 Maybe the true uniqueness in the Hall Implement Company brand is that it has stayed true to its heritage. While some might argue the brand could insert a more comprehensive word, no one can argue with the Hall Implement Company's success. The moral with this brand, is that as times change and words fall out of favor, a uniquely worded brand can still hold top-of-mind awareness with consumers. Because of what it offers and what it stands for. George, Donnie, Steve, Beth, Derek and Lindsey get that. I hope you do too, and that you will “implement” uniqueness into your special brand.

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