Monday, December 9, 2013

Resolve to better maintain your home in 2014

It's that time of year where resolutions are on most peoples' minds. Perhaps the resolution is to eat better, lose weight, enjoy life more or maybe even adopt a pet. Of all of the resolutions I have heard about throughout my life, seldom, if ever, have I heard someone resolve to better maintain their home in the coming year. Think about yourself for a moment. If you make resolutions, have you ever made one to better maintain your home? If so, was it kept? If you never made such a resolution, why?

Chances are that your home is the largest physical asset in your portfolio. Yet, most homes are not maintained to the level they should be. People hire a professional to maintain their financial portfolio, so that it is properly maintained and that it deteriorates as little as possible. People go to a doctor to help maintain their health, so that one's body does not prematurely deteriorate. Your finances and health are proactively maintained, yet for most people maintaining their largest physical asset is a reactive decision.

Maintaining your home properly improves its safety, your health as well as your significant investment. Add to this, improved functionality and overall acceptable appearance and you have every reason to consider making a resolution to better maintain your home. If these reasons do not encourage you to do so, what would it take?

I read once that maintaining your home costs 10 times less than repairing or replacing poorly maintained items. As an example, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. When cleaning your gutters, check the fascia board directly behind your gutters to insure the paint or stain is not coming off, leaving bare wood exposed to damaging elements. A little touch up paint can prevent rotted trim board replacement.

You are a smart person. It just makes sense to properly maintain your home, as opposed to overlooking or adapting items in need of attention. So this January, after going to the gym, sit down, write out a home maintenance honey-do list and make the resolution to master it.

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